The Drink Calculator is a visual tool designed to help you work out how many drinks you really had by asking about the type of alcohol, the glass or container size and where you filled it up to. You can find more information on standard drinks on our Standard Drinks fact page.

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Creating a profile of your drinking is a quick and easy way to see at a glance what your drinking patterns look like, and how they change over time.

Are you drinking more and more each month? Are you keeping it steady? Have you been cutting back without realising it? Your drinking profile can show you the answers to these questions at a glance.

Getting started with Drink Calculator

Choose a drink type and type of glass

Scroll through the images at the bottom to choose a type of drink, then use the previous and next arrows to choose the type of glass you drank from.

Fill your glass and add it to the list

Use the slider next to the drink to show how much you drank, then add it to your list. Keep going until you've added all your drinks.

Get feedback and add to your profile

Click on the feedback tab to find out how much you drank and what that means. If you have registered for a Drinking Profile, you can add your drinks to it.

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