Helping you make informed decisions about your drinking

What is SayWhen?

SayWhen provides information and resources to help you make decisions about your drinking, whatever those decisions might be. And if you decide you'd like to make a change, SayWhen can help you get started.

SayWhen is for anyone who wants to take a closer look at their drinking

Is SayWhen right for me?

SayWhen is for any Australian who drinks alcohol, no matter how much or how often. It's for people who:

  • only drink a little bit now and then and want to make sure they're drinking safely
  • don't drink often, but who worry they may be overdoing it when they do
  • drink regularly and want to think more about their use of alcohol
  • have already decided they need to cut back, and are looking for some help and information
  • are concerned about someone else's drinking and would like some information
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Who is behind SayWhen?

SayWhen is an initiative of the Victorian Government and was developed by a team of psychologists at Queensland University of Technology on behalf of the Department of Health, Victoria.

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